WhAt’S uP DoC?!


Doc, a 20 year old Belgian Draft horse, arrived last week as the newest member of the SSFS Rescue family.

Doc has the personality of a Golden Retriever and is a very big guy at over 17 hands and 1500 lbs., as you can see in the pictures of him with Ms. Ann and our volunteer, Jennifer Bryant. Doc was retired from his job as a Hatteras Beach rider when he suffered heat stroke this past Summer, which scarred his lungs and stressed his cardiac system.

The veterinarian attending to him felt that euthanasia was the best call, but agreed with his owners that if he could improve on meds and then be moved somewhere without the heat and dust of the coast, Doc would have a chance. He remained where he was, under intense care and scrutiny for a few weeks and, when he showed signs of improvement, he was moved up here to the Sanctuary, which is about as far from Cape Hatteras that you can go and still be in North Carolina!

He is on several daily medications for respiratory issues brought on by the near fatal heatstroke that he suffered at the beach, all of which are being paid for by his former owners.

After just a week, Doc is already breathing better in the crisp, clean mountain air and we’re praying for a good, long term result for him! Send Doc your prayers and we’ll keep you posted on his progress ….

Image may contain: 1 person, horse and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

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