Jeri Allison: Animal and Pet Portraits

More great pet profiles from our dear friend Our Friend and volunteer Jeri Allison is an amazing artist!  Jeri Allison: Animal and Pet Portraits!!!

What terrific gifts for those who have “everything”!

Here’s her latest portrait. This is a watercolor portrait of Maggie. She is currently booked up for the holidays but she does offer gift certificates!

You can contact her through her Etsy shop at:

#goldendoodle #custompetportraits

jeri allison
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

WhAt’S uP DoC?!


Doc, a 20 year old Belgian Draft horse, arrived last week as the newest member of the SSFS Rescue family.

Doc has the personality of a Golden Retriever and is a very big guy at over 17 hands and 1500 lbs., as you can see in the pictures of him with Ms. Ann and our volunteer, Jennifer Bryant. Doc was retired from his job as a Hatteras Beach rider when he suffered heat stroke this past Summer, which scarred his lungs and stressed his cardiac system.

The veterinarian attending to him felt that euthanasia was the best call, but agreed with his owners that if he could improve on meds and then be moved somewhere without the heat and dust of the coast, Doc would have a chance. He remained where he was, under intense care and scrutiny for a few weeks and, when he showed signs of improvement, he was moved up here to the Sanctuary, which is about as far from Cape Hatteras that you can go and still be in North Carolina!

He is on several daily medications for respiratory issues brought on by the near fatal heatstroke that he suffered at the beach, all of which are being paid for by his former owners.

After just a week, Doc is already breathing better in the crisp, clean mountain air and we’re praying for a good, long term result for him! Send Doc your prayers and we’ll keep you posted on his progress ….

Image may contain: 1 person, horse and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Tractor Love…


This past July, we had a donor step forward and buy the Sanctuary a brand new Kubota tractor!! It’s a Grand L Limited 3560, for those of you who know tractors and came with a front end loader and a set of pallet forks, from the wonderful folks at Mountain Kubota of Boone. We have been in such need of one for a long time and when our donor saw an article in Blue Ridge Country magazine, she contacted us and wrote a check! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ms. Ann promptly gave the tractor a beautiful name, Martha. This amazing person, we are Sooooo very grateful for, prefers to remain anonymous. We’ve found plenty of use for Martha over the Summer and Fall and Ms. Ann is becoming quite adept at using it. In winter, it is going to change our lives!


Make Life More Meaningful…

Sweet Blessings To All!
Well, another winter is upon us!
In facing the dilemma of ageing horses needing special requirements to heal, we are seeking to an build additional barn so that we may facilitate their care and comfort needs. In addition, while we always do our best to place horses who call on us, we have had to turn away 35 horses this year alone due to lack of space and resources. Your help and support in any way, is always so greatly appreciated.

This Holiday Seasons, Give the Gift of Resources that Save Lives and the Environment.

The New Barn – is estimated at 2500 sq. ft. It will house horses on the ground floor and add much needed storage for hay and equipment. The plans include having 9 stalls inside, a tack room, a feed room and a veterinarian area with a wash stall, to be able to handle medical situations during the harsh mountain winters.
With recycling, donations and wholesale costs, we can build at approximately $65,000.00 which is $16.00/square foot.
Recycling & wholesale supplies plan – The timber for the building will be taken off of the property and milled, locally, to greatly reduce costs. The twelve clerestory windows will be of remnants of double hung windows from a local, specialty window business. The metal roofing will come from a large, national metal building company, that is based locally and will provide it at a wholesale cost.


Rescue Barn Supplies List

Clerestory Window Blessing – $10.00 each
Ext. Stall Doors/Fire Exits  Blessing – $450.00

Fence Repair – Replace sections of existing barb wire fence with safer split rail – Blessing – $2,000.00

Double Barn Door Blessing – $2,500.00

Arena Fence – Fence for new arena site Blessing – $2,000.00

Tack room Blessing – $2,500.00
Wash Stall Blessing – $2,500.00
Feed Room Blessing – $2,500.00
Individual Stall Blessing – $2,000.00​
Pasture Shed Repair with naming opportunity Blessing – $2,500.00
Vet Area Blessing – $5,000.00
New Pasture Shed with naming opportunity Blessings – $5,000.00
​Metal Roofing Blessing – $7,000.00
Full Barn Blessing – $65,000.00
If you would like to donate materials, supplies or your time, every bit of assistance is so valuable and appreciated. Please contact us anytime.


Thank You for Your Presence!


Is medicine going to the ANIMALS?… Yes!

Pet therapy is gaining way in health care.

Animals are emotional support beings who help people (and other animals) with a variety of illnesses and/or physical challenges such as stress, depression, anxiety, personality blindness, social anxiety, and more. 

In today’s society, traditionally, these issues are often dealt with through a combination of prescription medication and therapy. These approaches are not only expensive, but can cause physiological harm and lead to dangerous addictions. Animal therapy is a safe, healthy alternative practice which has been proven to better the lives of others.   

ABOUT ANIMAL HEALING… Animals alleviate the stress and symptoms affecting the body, mind, spirit. Being in the presence of animals has been proven to help people (and other animals) cope, heal, and recover from health issues. They provide life energy and can help others “come out of their shell” just by their presence alone.

Being with Animals has been scientifically proven to have physical and mental health benefits in people helping to… 

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Release calming endorphins
  • Lower overall physical pain
  • Lift spirits of the suffering
  • Transform symptoms of depression
  • Extinguish feelings of isolation
  • Encourage communication
  • Provide love and comfort
  • Increase socialization and enhance relationships
  • Lessen boredom and reduce overall loneliness
  • Reduce anxiety and PTSD
  • Help with speech and learning
  • Help with emotional disorders
  • Motivate physical training helping to regain motion in limbs, motor control, and hand-eye coordination

And, animals are an emergency notification system for seizures, medical emergencies, and help individuals. 


  • Children having dental procedures
  • People receiving cancer treatment
  • People in long-term care facilities
  • People recouping from surgery
  • People with dementia
  • Veterans
  • Other animals in like situations… Everyone benefits!    

And it’s not only people with health problems who reap the benefits. Family members and friends who sit in on animal visits say they feel better, too.  

Proof is found in health facilities worldwide. 

Mayo Clinic’s Caring Canines program make regular visits to various hospital departments where the dogs help reduce stress and anxiety. (

Learn More about how Animal-assisted therapy helps with a wide range of health problems and let’s all help animals BE free to BE who they really are… Intuitive, Natural healers!