Make Life More Meaningful…

Sweet Blessings To All!
Well, another winter is upon us!
In facing the dilemma of ageing horses needing special requirements to heal, we are seeking to an build additional barn so that we may facilitate their care and comfort needs. In addition, while we always do our best to place horses who call on us, we have had to turn away 35 horses this year alone due to lack of space and resources. Your help and support in any way, is always so greatly appreciated.

This Holiday Seasons, Give the Gift of Resources that Save Lives and the Environment.

The New Barn – is estimated at 2500 sq. ft. It will house horses on the ground floor and add much needed storage for hay and equipment. The plans include having 9 stalls inside, a tack room, a feed room and a veterinarian area with a wash stall, to be able to handle medical situations during the harsh mountain winters.
With recycling, donations and wholesale costs, we can build at approximately $65,000.00 which is $16.00/square foot.
Recycling & wholesale supplies plan – The timber for the building will be taken off of the property and milled, locally, to greatly reduce costs. The twelve clerestory windows will be of remnants of double hung windows from a local, specialty window business. The metal roofing will come from a large, national metal building company, that is based locally and will provide it at a wholesale cost.


Rescue Barn Supplies List

Clerestory Window Blessing – $10.00 each
Ext. Stall Doors/Fire Exits  Blessing – $450.00

Fence Repair – Replace sections of existing barb wire fence with safer split rail – Blessing – $2,000.00

Double Barn Door Blessing – $2,500.00

Arena Fence – Fence for new arena site Blessing – $2,000.00

Tack room Blessing – $2,500.00
Wash Stall Blessing – $2,500.00
Feed Room Blessing – $2,500.00
Individual Stall Blessing – $2,000.00​
Pasture Shed Repair with naming opportunity Blessing – $2,500.00
Vet Area Blessing – $5,000.00
New Pasture Shed with naming opportunity Blessings – $5,000.00
​Metal Roofing Blessing – $7,000.00
Full Barn Blessing – $65,000.00
If you would like to donate materials, supplies or your time, every bit of assistance is so valuable and appreciated. Please contact us anytime.


Thank You for Your Presence!


Rocky Update…

ROCKY’S ROAD … You may remember Rocky who came to Southern Sun Farm in February. His family’s farm in Surrey County, NC was being foreclosed on and we had no room, but we agreed to take whichever horse was in the worst condition and wouldn’t be taken by any other rescue, truly a rescue situation. Rocky had a bad eye infection and, although not a big horse, was seriously underweight. Always sweet and would follow Ann around like a puppy, Rocky has gained 163 lbs in 7 months and has started back under saddle. Because of his transformation, John calls him “Rock Star” and he is available for adoption!

Big Boy Update…

You may remember that Big Boy came to us after a sudden blindness in one eye. He was undertstandably nervous and skitish due to his new condition, but as he acclimated to his new reality, his personality started to emerge. Although his size is a little intimidating, he is a sweet and gentle soul and soon became a favorite of the volunteer “squad”. Because he can still have a useful life as a trail horse, two of our volunteers, @Barbara Gedemer Johnson and @Jeri Allison: Animal and Pet Portraits, began lunging him in the round pen. Lunging will allow us to see what he knows (remembers from his previous life), evaluate his gait and condition and get him used to commands. Generally, you want to get him confortable with everything you’re going to do when you’re on his back, while you’re still on the ground!